A solution to the industry that supports integration with Autodesk Vault

There is a lot of money in your CAD data, and the knowledge built up must be handled properly.

It’s just that Mdoc MFG take care of.

It is therefore vital that the knowledge built up in the company’s CAD data is handled properly. If data is stored according to agreed and formalized guidelines, these will also be retrieved by the same. The result is an increased recycling effect, which will minimize errors and duplicates – and duplex constructions.

If you are working in teams, it is quite obvious that there must be agreed guidelines and procedure, providing multi-user environment without risk of data loss. Multi-user functionality provides controlled access to the companys many data – within the limits agreed. Data is re-used to the extent which permitted through the authentication principles. This way data is not recycled from a construction which is not approved for this.

The general sharing of knowledge takes place in the IT solution, so that all knowledge is built there. Since many can acces the system, it is vital that data can only be seen by those who need them. Concepts such as authentication and audit control are keywords. At the same time you get tools for copying and manipulating the reference data, version control, categorization of data and excellent search capabilities with automatic maintenance of the secondary neutral DWF format.

The Mdoc solution is really interesting for customers who have a combination of old 2D data and 3D inventordata. If Inventor is used in the development department Mdoc / Vault is a good solution. If the customer has many MS Office documents an Mdoc solution, with its MS Office integration, is perfect for managing contexts. This way Mdoc binds the whole organization together.

Mdoc audiences include firms with both 2D and 3D data. Companies with multiple CAD solutions (not all), and project organizations where MS Office documents and e-mail documentation is important.

Selected functionality Mdoc (marked with Vault, Vault if required):

  • Audit Management
  • Approval rutines / workflows Property / metadata management
  • Check in / out – ensures that multiple people can work on joint structures, which often allows shorter development. Moreover, versioning of models allows you to look past the status of construction and accumulating the experience acquired through a development process. (Using Vault)
  • Processing of data occurs locally on the workstation, minimizing network load and increase performance – and thus efficiency. (Using Vault)
  • Part of / consists of analysis – what data are part of what and what is a collection of. It provides transparency and a higher degree of recycling – and thus better efficiency.
  • Copy design – allows you to reuse data from previous designs, which saves time during development Versioning of Inventor files (UsingVault)
  • Automatic number / names generator
  • Data access takes place directly in the CAD integration
  • Full MS Office integration – including e-mail
  • Rename and replace the data references with full update
  • Extraction of Inventor properties – allows you to search for all properties through database
  • Possibility for private / personal layout / user-based layout with many customization options


A prerequisite for a functioning Mdoc / Vault solution is a carefully planned project, proper education and that IT infrastructure is in place. The customer must, therefore, have described the importance of these points are affected

Two sketches are important in the project (assumes Vault):

The technology used today is what we call “normal” and is quite stressful for the network – not the server. With Vault the technology is changed from file-based to database-based technology. As seen on the sketch I / O is moved from server to workstation, while the database is located on the server and control the traffic.

To ensure optimum access to the server is the suggestion from NTI CADcenter is that all CAD workstations are switched to the same group to avoid unnecessary e-mail/Internet-trafik. At the same time there must be a dedicated server for handling the CAD solution.

Advantages are speed, security of data loss and always properly handled data and attitude to backup.