Document creator with unlimited opportunities …

The bips association recommends a set file and folder structure andAddCardWizard ensures that the users create documents with all the information the company requires.

The purpose of AddCardWizard is to help the users to create documents in Mdoc and comply with the applicable requirements, eg. from bips or other standards. AddCardWizard ask the user a series of questions, after which the document is placed in a folder, which is determined by the answers the usergives. If the folder does not already exist, it is created, and directory information is filled in.

  • Pilot the user through a series of questions related to the document which is created
  • Automatically places he document in the file structure – depending on what answers the user hasgiven, and the companys predefined whishes
  • Automatically creates directories with directory information if they do not already exist
  • Remembers the last choice a user has made

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