Mdoc Web

Mdoc Web is a web-based access to Mdoc – Aimed at people on the go, who need to be able to access company documents, create and record individual documents when away from the office. It is also for employees inhouse who only need to acces documents, perform simple tasks and give approval.

Since Mdoc Web is accessed via a browser, there is no need to install anything on the user’s PC to get started and thus access to the documents is easy. Mdoc Web dips into the same pool of data and have the same settings as the Mdoc Client – but is simpler to use because it is stripped of the Client versions more advanced functions & features.

Mdoc Web offers: 

  • View and edit metadata and files in selected archives.
  • Search via fields or yellow and blue archives.
  • Download/Upload of filer.
  • Equal rights for all in the archives.
  • Simple approval where meta data is updated in the database.
  • Thumbnail view on certain filetypes.
  • Working with the same data and settings as the client version.

The customer must have at least one Mdoc Client license. As all Administration and settings are set up in the Mdoc Client – And it is also the Client that supports integration to eg. AutoCad, Revit, Inventor, MS Office ect.

Same as for Mdoc 2015 – IIS 7,5 and .NET 4,5 or later.

Supported browsere
Internet Explorer – version 10 eller later.
Chrome – version 43 eller later. (reccomended)

Typical setup
Mdoc Web can be installed as an intranet solution and/or an internet solution  – see the typical setup in the gallery to the left.

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