Publish documents and metadata from one Mdoc database to another…

The purpose of Mdoc2Mdoc is to publish documents and metadata fromone Mdoc database to another, thus ensuring that only certain users can accessdocuments that are approved and published. The publication of a documentdepends on its accreditation status, and whether it is selected for publication.

Mdoc2Mdoc publish documents and related metadata from an Mdoc database to another database. The program works so that all documents which is to be published, are marked and approved, and therebymade ​​ready for publication. The publication can take place at scheduled times and based on somedefined parameters. Alternatively the program can also be set up so that a user of Mdoc can call the program and publish the documents immediately. It is not necessary to wait for an automatic publicing, which is set up to run at a specified time.

The product is aimed at customers who want to have an installation file which always shows the current document versions. This being the developer, the architect, the production company, etc. Using The Mdoc2Mdoc together with Multi Save you can ensure that DWF or PDF files are automatically produced by the approval of a drawing and published in the neutral format to the current archive.

  • Is used for publishing to business partners with MdocWEB
  • Ensure that the construction archives are intact
  • Mdoc users can call the program and publish the documents immediately.

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