Store multiple file formats with one click…

The purpose of the Multi-Save is to allow the user to store multiple file formats of their idw, iam and ipt by with click. Multi Save runs together with the approval ofAutodesk Inventor documents in Mdoc. Multi Save can also be used togetherwith AutoCAD-based products.

The administrator must set up in Mdoc where Multi Save should save the files.

The file formats that are stored by Mdoc Multi Save are automatically registered in Mdoc if their location isset up as an archive in Mdoc.

Mdoc Multisave is initialized when a document is saved in Mdoc.

One or more documents are selected, and the approval of the document(s) is made.

It is possible to run  Multisavefrom several approval procedures.

  • Makes sure that a neutral format is always saved when approving
  • Creates DXFfiles for the production
  • MultiSave ensures that the neutral formats can be restored

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