Project archive

Check drawings out for correction …

Project Archive is a feature to check out drawings for a project where a correction of the drawings is made. Once the corrections are done the drawings are checked back into the main file again. It is still possible to plot and copy etc. from the main archive drawings, which are marked so that the user can seethat it is checked out into a project.

This feature can be used to check in / out with references. At the same time it is possible to  work with the existing drawings / documents that are onlybeing changed in the project archives. This way it is ensuredthat you always see the applicable drawings and other documents in the main archive. There can beworked on projects over a longer period without the main archive is being changed. At check in the main archive is updated with the new revisions.

  • Easy workflow that ensure the revisions
  • At check in metadata remains in the projects
  • Can be used on home workstations

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