Projektweb integration

Get integrated….

Mdoc – projectweb integration is a program that makes it easy to integrate Mdoc and a projectweb (eg. iBinder or Byggeweb)The program ensures automatically synchronizing of the contents of one or more projectweb projects with one or more Mdoc archives….

The synchronization ensures the upload and download of files between Mdoc and the projectweb so that the content are continously kept ajour. The synchronization is carried out automatically, using a timer. The program runs as a service and therefore needs no user monitoring.

  • Automatically syncronize files between a projectweb and Mdoc
  • The users decide when documents are retrieved from athe projectweb or sent to the projectweb
  • Using checkboxes in Mdoc to determine when documents retrieved and stored
  • The actual transfer takes place on a central server, so no additional software is installed on the clients

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